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“I’ve always wanted to have a ‘normal’ bite. It took me a long time to find a specialist I was comfortable with, and that didn’t have my treatment plan include surgery. Dr. El-Bialy was extremely knowledgeable about all the new techniques out there that made my experience faster and painless. He was able to look at the bigger picture and helped me understand why I developed my awkward bite and how we could prevent relapse after treatment was finished. He is smart, kind, and efficient. I would recommend him to my family and friends any day. Thanks for giving me a beautiful smile and the ability to chew and bite normally!”
— Christen H.
“They gave me the smile I have always wanted. I am very happy with my smile and overall appearance now. I would recommend them to my friends because the orthodontist and staff were great and very accommodating, they have a good location, and they have great appointment hours. Thank you for giving me my smile back!”
— Anna S.
“I would definitely recommend them to a friend because the service was good and Dr. Tarek’s work is very recommendable. The staff has been wonderful, very patient, and understanding. It was worth the investment because her smile is beautiful. The long wait is worth every step the whole team went through. Thanks!”
— Robert L.
“My expectations were exceeded at Sphinx Orthodontics. Dr. El-Bialy makes you feel exceptionally welcome at every visit. He goes above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied. The staff is amazing and very accommodating. I would definitely recommend this office because of the amazing service and great hours.”
— Tamara P.
“The customer service and Dr. Tarek’s breakdown and explanation of the whole procedure made me feel safe about my treatment. I feel like I got lucky, this is the best Invisalign provider in Alberta”
— Brenda B.
“Both my boys had oral concerns and Dr. El-Bialy has been very accommodating to them. Never have felt that they weren’t top priority. Great Staff!”
— Karla T.

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